Behaviours Which Put Students and Teachers at Risk

The PPTA 2015 identified behaviours that put students and teachers at risk. These were our starting points when preparing the Code of Conduct.

The following situations put teachers at risk and are therefore unacceptable:

  • Becoming over-familiar with students through failing to maintain professional distance including the use of cellphones, email and social media
  • Entering rooms where students are dressing
  • Invading a students personal space
  • Touching students in any way that can be construed as sexual harassment
  • Using any sexual name to refer to a student or group of students, or tolerating students using such language
  • Making sexist remarks
  • Commenting on a students physical development, either to other students or colleagues
  • Spending time privately with individual students
  • Having intimate or sexual relationships with students
  • Leading a student to believe a relationship could be more than a professional one
  • Using pornographic or erotic material in teaching classes, displaying it in the school, or allowing students to distribute it or download it from the computer
  • Condoning or encouraging students to use alcohol or drugs.
  • In the event of a complaint, the disciplinary process may result in the dismissal of the respective teacher. Criminal charges are sometimes laid as well.